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HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System
Cost 49900

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

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Cost: 49900 points

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Price: 49900
Price: 499.00

FREE CONTENT WITH PURCHASE - Fallout 4 VR plus a two month free trial of Viveport Subscription included with your purchase.

FULLY IMMERSIVE - True-to-life movements with realistic graphics, directional audio and HD haptic feedback.

PRECISION MOVEMENT TRACKING - 360-degree controller and headset tracking covers your movements to the millimeter, floor-to ceiling.

FLEXIBLE PLAY AREA - Room-Scale VR with just two base stations. Use VIVE seated, standing or in a space up to 15 feet x 15 feet.

POWERED BY STEAM VR - Enjoy over 2500 games for SteamVR, plus everything you love about Steam, including new releases, automatic game updates and millions of your closest friends, in VR.