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F1 2017 - PlayStation 4
Cost 2995

F1 2017 - PlayStation 4

Sold By: ResurrectionResale
Cost: 2995 points

Additional Info

List Price: 4999
Price: 29.95

Classic Cars - Integration of 5 Teams with 12 Classic Cars in the game and Career, as part of the main game-no DLC required, also featuring Single & Multi-Class MP racing with new gameplay challenges

Expanded Career - Non-linear structure for improved replay, Additional Practice Programmers, Engine & Gearbox Management in new Engineering room, innovative Agent office with viewable Reputation System

New Championships Mode - Completely new Sprint, Feature and Double Header races as a part of 20 Modern & Classic Championships in total with unique Medals & Unlocks

Expanded Multiplayer - Progression- and Reward System with Player to Player Stats Comparison, and also a Lobby Voting System for up to 20 players (Server List on all 3 platforms)

New Design - Contemporary 2017 Car Design & Fresh Look to Game Menus