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Not sure what to get? The following are some testimonials that have been sent to us by our users. Check them out and see all the cool prizes that you can get!

A few awesome claimed prizes

  • AndrewZ, Jacksonville, FL

  • Uglymuffintop, Blaine, MN

  • Christy Young, Kansas City, MO

  • Michael Ng, Rosemead, CA

    Thanks Prizerebel! I finally got a cool new mouse to replace my broken old one. You guys are awesome!!!

  • Christopher Young, Kansas City, MO

  • Alex Harkleroad, Santee, CA

  • JessYuu, Los Angeles, CA

  • PRHACK, Catonsville, MD

    Thanks to PrizeRebel I don't have to pay to go to the movies again!

  • Rascal32, Salem, OR

    When I came over to PrizeRebel and finally made enough points to get it, the processing didn't even take 12 hours which was great, when waiting for it to actually arrive must have been the quickest shipment I have ever seen. I didn't have any problems whatsoever.