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Take Surveys and Redeem Cash & Gift Cards - It's FREE
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Complete high paying online paid surveys! Complete surveys, earn points, and redeem for PayPal cash & Gift Cards!

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Paid Surveys for Money: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

You're looking to start taking surveys online and you need a crash course on the topic. You've come to the right spot as the Prizerebel team wants to help you maximize your time spent taking paid surveys for cash. Survey taking is one of the best ways to make money especially since you can take paid surveys from anywhere as long as you have a mobile device or a computer with a stable internet connection. You can work as much or as little as you wish to. PrizeRebel works with some of the largest market research survey providers in the world to get you the best and most survey inventory possible. By completing surveys, you can redeem for instant money and brand name gift cards while allowing you the opportunity to earn from the comforts of your own home and at your leisure. This is all at a zero cost to yourself as Market researchers want your opinions! 

Here are some of the questions and answers that you may have about Paid Surveys

What are Paid Online Opinion Surveys?

Online Surveys are given by market research companies that are seeking specific groups of people to take surveys. This is important to businesses as your opinion will shape the services and products that they will invent and release to the market, since you are the consumer who will eventually make the purchasing decision! In particular, they are looking for a target audience and want their specific opinion. Most of the survey criteria involve demographic and geographic information. Some examples include ethnicity, age, gender, city/state/country, type of job, and household income. This data collected removes any personally identifiable data and is only used for their research as a whole. Of course, market researchers don’t expect you to provide your time & opinion for free so you are compensated. Typically, the longer the survey, the higher the compensation. A survey can pay out anywhere between a few dollars to over $100! It depends on the length of the survey, your demographic & job profession amongst other factors. You may also be lucky enough to try a product that you will get to keep.

What are some common types of paid surveys?

  • You may be asked to give your opinion on a new television show or movie trailer
  • You may be sent a new product for your home or a new candy flavor, you would be asked to try out the product and then give your opinion in a journal format.
  • If you are a decision maker in your home or at your job, you may be asked to give your opinion and services that you may have come across in those roles.
  • You may be asked to provide feedback to a credit card company or a bank about a new financial services product that is being released in your local market.
  • These are just a few examples of the types of surveys that we have for our users, this can change daily and you never know what opportunities might exist when you log on to PrizeRebel!

How will I be compensated after I complete a survey on PrizeRebel?

Once you have completed a survey by reaching the thank you page, you will be redirected back to PrizeRebel and receive the points that is offered for each survey. You can then proceed to our rewards store to redeem your points for any of our hundreds of rewards. We carry gift cards from major brands such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Ebay, Visa just to name a few or you can claim paypal money which is sent straight to your paypal account. Reward processing for digital rewards takes 5-10 minutes so you can start enjoying your cash or gift card right away! There is no limit to the amount of rewards that you may receive, that is simply up to you!

Are there any limits to how many surveys I can take?

There are absolutely no limits to the amount of opinion surveys that you can take on a daily basis. Surveys are provided by our partners throughout each day and as long as you are in the eligible audience for that survey, you are welcome to complete it!

Is this legitimate?

We understand this might be one of your concerns but this is definitely legitimate! Market research is a $24 billion dollar industry! PrizeRebel.com has been partnering with the best market research companies in the world since our company started in 2007. We built this consumer platform to give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in paid survey opportunities. We have paid out over $20 million dollars since then in gift cards and cash rewards to our members!

Common and best survey practices:

When completing a survey, it’s recommended to follow these best survey practices to ensure that you are compensated for the survey and are not blocked from future survey opportunities.

Do Not Provide False Information: 

Survey data is constantly being reviewed for authenticity. By providing false information when completing a survey, the survey provider may reject the survey submission and you will not be compensated after completing the survey. An example would be stating you are both unemployed and making $200,000 per year which is unrealistic. Taking surveys that you qualify for with your truthful information and opinions is the best way to ensure that you are compensated for the survey.

Provide Reasonable Response, Do Not Provide Gibberish Responses: 

In some surveys, you are required to fill in open-ended questions. Researchers do review these responses manually to ensure quality. By providing gibberish responses or simple 1-2 words, survey partners may reject your survey submission and you will be not be compensated for the survey. Some examples of common gibberish responses include “Good”, “Nice”, and “anvajmbi”. Please make sure to take your time to submit well-thought-out responses to any questions asked to ensure you continue to have access to surveys.

Taking Your Time with a Survey: 

Surveys may take approximately 5 minutes to 20 minutes on average to complete with the occasional deviation. Taking your time to complete a survey is the best way to ensure that you are compensated for surveys. Survey providers do run quality checks on your responses. One of the ways they do this is by checking how quickly you are completing the survey versus the average completion time from other survey takers. As a survey taker, you want to make sure you are spending enough time to read through the questions carefully and answer before moving on.

Be Aware of Attention Check Questions:

Another way survey providers and researchers ensure quality responses is by asking questions to make sure that you are paying attention. An example question would be "In order to make sure you are paying attention, please choose the second answer shown or select the answer choice, dog." Or you may see a grid of answer choices and one of the answers specifically state "Do not choose this answer". If you are paying attention when taking the survey, then you will not miss this. It is important to pay attention to every single question asked and choose the most appropriate & honest response.

Providing Honest Answers:

Survey topics and questions vary from survey to survey. Some surveys are designed to gather your opinions on the packaging of a product or a television show. They may ask questions about the product and follow up with additional questions. If you have answers that lead one way saying you like it but all your follow-up responses are about how you hate the product, the researcher may reject your response for not paying attention.

By following best practices, you will ensure that you receive the most survey inventory from each partner. Survey partners may block you from accessing their survey inventory if you do not follow these best practices.

Survey Qualification tips and additional information:

Survey providers are seeking people in specific demographics and geographic locations for their researcher projects. By filling out your profile questionnaire with as many details as possible, we will be able to match you with the best surveys available.

Some common profile information that you may be asked to fill out include amount of children in your household, if you own or rent a house, and if you have any types of chronic conditions. Other examples may include visits to a particular type of store within a 6 month period of time. Be sure to fill out your profile completely for the most opportunities. Please sure to keep your profile questionnaire updated as well. With new changes in your life such as receiving a promotion at your job, expecting a child, or even moving to a new home. By keeping your profile updated, you will be matched with the best survey opportunities. 

Looking for more surveys to complete? Make sure to check back on the weekdays as there tend to be more surveys available. Each survey provider may have varying inventory based on your demographics. Make sure to check out all our survey partners as some partners may have a surge in survey inventory that matches your demographic and geographic profile. 

When a new survey is added, you want to complete it as soon as possible. All surveys have quotas that determine how many responses the survey can accept before the survey is closed. By starting the survey early, you ensure that you complete the survey before the survey closes. We recommend that you check for surveys twice a day for the freshest survey inventory. 

Disqualifications can occur if you are not the target audience that the researcher is looking for or if they have met their quota. This may occur at the beginning or later in the survey. You can also be disqualified if you are randomly choosing answers or are speeding through the survey. If you do notice a survey that disqualifies you at the very end of a survey, please let our support team know to address this with the survey provider.

Technical issues occur on rare occasions if the survey provider did not properly program the survey properly. We know how frustrating it can be for you. Please report this to our support team as soon as it occurs. We will inform the survey provider to look into and fix the issue as soon as possible and try to attain compensation for you.

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Since 2007, we've strived to be different. Making customer service our #1 priority and offering instant rewards processing so you get paid fast, PrizeRebel.com is one of the most trusted online survey sites with over 12 million members and counting. We work with the biggest global market research companies to provide you with the highest quality paid online surveys that you can complete to make money at home and earn gift cards.

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