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Surveys are the go-to method for PrizeRebel members who want to earn the most points! Here’s our in-depth step by step guide to help you make sure you qualify and get credit for every survey you complete. Let's jump right in!
For all the new members out there, we're sure that you're eager to get your wheels tuning to start earning points on Prizerebel. One of the biggest questions we get from new members revolve around how they can earn points or how they can get their free prizes. We wanted to introduce to you some of the various ways you can earn points. This how-to guide covers some of the basic points that you can earn on Prizerebel starting off and with focusing on completing offers and surveys! It's time to jump right in!
Meet Sam. Sam is one of our most valued Australian members. He’s been with us since our humble beginnings in 2008. In that time, he’s earned over $17,000 in rewards.  Sounds super easy right? Well, how does Sam do it? Find out inside!
Thank you for being a part of this amazing milestone! We've just hit 6.5 million members and have now given away $10 million USD in rewards combined in the last nine years. This was no easy feat and we wanted to show a little gift from our end to celebrate. This could not have been accomplished without the support of all of our members! With this achievement, we wanted to share some of the behind the scene secret numbers from the team here at Prizerebel.
If you’ve been on the internet long enough, there’s a good chance you’ve come across either PrizeRebel or My Survey. They’re two of the biggest sites on the web that let you earn money just by sharing your thoughts and opinions. Each site is used by millions of people across the world to earn a bit of extra cash here and there to put towards bills or treats. But if you’ve come across these two sites, you’re probably wondering what the difference between them is, right? Well, we’ve taken an in-depth look at both to help you decide where to spend your time (and which one will help you to earn the most money).
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