• The 4 Best Sites to Make Money on the Internet

    Ask yourself this question: if you could make more money than you do now, just by sitting at home and using the internet, would you? If you’re like most people, you’ll have answered yes straightaway… Because let’s face it, we could all use a little bit of extra cash, right? The promise of being able to make money by working on the internet may seem great, but you’re probably wondering just how to make that a reality. If you are, you're not alone. Around the world, millions of people are turning to the internet to make some extra money that they can use to treat themselves, pay their bills, or put into savings. How do these people do it? Well, among the hundreds of millions of sites on the internet there are a few websites that are made to really help you make money online. So which are the sites that do? That’s the million-dollar question, and you’re in luck, because we’ve combed through the sites to find you the best 5 sites that are used to make money from home.
  • Why You Should Always Take Part in PrizeRebel Raffles, Offers, and Contests

    So you’ve been using PrizeRebel, but you haven’t been making the most of all of the ways to earn points and rewards? This can be frustrating. Think about it… You’re spending time at your computer, making sure to use your free hours as wisely as possible, but you aren’t getting as much out of it as you could be. If this situation sounds familiar, you need to recognize that you’re leaving points and money on the table. So what can you do to put this right? It’s actually quite easy: PrizeRebel offers regular raffles, offers, and contests that can make your time on the site much more profitable - without you having to spend any extra time there!
  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your PrizeRebel Points

    What’s the point in spending time earning points on PrizeRebel if you never get around to redeeming them? If you’re spending hours on PrizeRebel completing surveys and watching videos to rack up points, the last thing you want to do is have them sit in your account when you could be checking them out and earning gift cards or cash. Thankfully, redeeming your PrizeRebel points is quick and straightforward, and takes hardly any time. In this post we’ll show you exactly how to redeem your points for maximum rewards (as well as a few ways to earn extra points), so that you can make sure you get what you deserve.
  • Why You Should Follow Prizerebel on Social Media

    Every company since the introduction of social media has asked you to follow them, like them, retweet, join their circle, or comment. Then a good majority of these companies spam you with marketing materials, self promos, and pats on the back. We understand you want to follow a company because you stand by their products or the company gives you an incentive to do so, not be spammed with endless “Buy This, Buy Now, Buy Here” posts. Yet here we are, asking you to follow Prizerebel on social media! That's because we won’t spam you with posts about how awesome Prizerebel is (though we know we are, thanks to you!). We won’t harass you with un-interesting news or posts no one cares about. We make it worth your while from providing you with free points, a community, giveaways, special announcements, and more. If that's all you need to follow us, get started on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and G+! But make sure to scroll down if you need a bit more incentive or if you just want to see all your new perks!
  • 5 Ways to Refer Users to Prizerebel Today

    Referring to Prizerebel is a great way to earn extra points. Every time your referrals gain points, you earn an extra 15% based on their earnings with the potential to earn up to 30% with no maximum referral caps! Here are just five ways you can refer new members to Prizerebel: Let's start with Youtube. Ah, the king of how to videos: Youtube. When you're not sure how to change oil or need to know how to introduce your new kitten to your older cat, videos can do wonders for technique. The same goes for when you want to refer to Prizerebel. Often, people don't even know what Prizerebel is! This gives you a great chance to explain the process and how they can earn extra cash just like you do.