A quick introduction to some of our great rewards!

Prize Rebel offers members over 200 unique prizes. With so many choices, finding the right gift card can be difficult. The great thing about all these choices is that there are plenty of gift cards that can help broaden what you can purchase. PrizeRebel offers gift cards to all your favorite brands and to the largest marketplaces online. Let's take a look at a few of these amazing gift card choices that can broaden what you can purchase.


Amazon is one of the greatest marketplaces online for your purchases. With a $50 gift card for Amazon, you have access to over 600 million different products. Amazon gift card balance never expires so you never need to fret over having to spend it before a certain date. Anything you need can be found on Amazon from household items, computer parts, trendy attire and so much more. Why not choose Amazon gift card as your next reward with so many things you can purchase all with 1 or 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime!


Wanting to convert your earned points into real cash? Now you can with the PayPal Money reward. With this reward, you can convert your points into money in your bank account with the help of PayPal. With this new source of income, your possibilities are endless. Paying off bills, saving for an emergency, or saving for your next vacation couldn’t be simpler. As a bonus perk, PrizeRebel gold tier and higher member can get their PayPal Money to their PayPal account within 1 hour!


Are you always eyeing the latest app and games on your phone? Using your phone to listen to the next great hit song or reading a book on your commute? PrizeRebel has a solution for your phone needs with two amazing gift card choices. The Google Play Gift Card and Apple Gift Card offers users over  2 million unique apps to choose from and with 1000’s of new apps being created daily.  With either of these two gift cards that suits your phone, you can purchase any apps your heart desires. Not only are you able to purchase any apps you want with your gift card, but you can also choose from millions of books, songs, and movies from the mobile store. Your choices are endless for your phone wants and needs, so why not snag a gift card today!


PrizeRebel offers tons of unique rewards, but with these four gift cards, your choices are open to not just a single brand but what the marketplace can offer you. With just a few clicks away, you can start earning extra cash on the side during your free time. So Sign Up today and start earning towards an endless possibility of prizes.