Essential Jobs Available During COVID-19

Many people have been laid off and out of jobs amid the coronavirus outbreak currently sweeping the world. Unfortunately, for many people working non-essential” jobs, they cant afford to be out of a job. Especially seeing as there is no end in sight as of this moment. There is no way to know yet how long businesses will stay closed, and people will be out of jobs, so here is a list of essential jobs that are still options throughout the coronavirus crisis.


With so many people being forced to stay home, and stores everywhere closed, Amazon is one of the only ways many people can get their necessities from home. With this influx of demand, and the need for people to fulfill and deliver these orders, Amazon is opening up 100,000 positions for hiring throughout the Coronavirus. Amazon is hiring package fulfilment positions and delivery network positions on both a full or part-time basis. As such, it can be the perfect position during the pandemic.

Paid Surveys

These types of options are a great way to stay home and social distance while still making money. Companies like PrizeRebel, for example, offer cash and gift cards for completing online surveys. PrizeRebel allows you to redeem points from completing surveys through redeeming Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Prepaid Cards, and simple PayPal transfers. Easy to sign up, make your own hours, and work from home all at once. Paid surveys are another good option to give a chance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Delivery

If you have a car, and still want to make your own hours, Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes are still working through the crisis so long as food services are considered essential jobs.” Just like Amazon, people will be ordering food to their homes more often than ever to avoid going out, and with these companies now starting leave at the door” options to encourage safe social distancing, this option is here to stay for at least a while longer. According to Uber Eats, you can make between $8-$12 per hour as a driver, after vehicle expenses, and drivers keep 100% of their tips. Its a good place to start.

Grocery Stores

Depending on where you live, the grocery stores nearest to you such as Kroger may be keeping their doors open and functioning under extra weight caused by the Coronavirus. As such, they may continue to keep hiring new grocery store jobs throughout the pandemic, and keeping an eye on supermarkets that are still continuing to hire is another way to work throughout the crisis. This option is considered 'frontline' and 'essential' so making sure that you are comfortable and working with a supermarket that is keeping you safe is critical to your success if this is an option you consider.

The global pandemic has become an incredible weight on many peoples shoulders and putting an extra financial strain on many people who have been laid off. PrizeRebel is here as a source of income and free gift cards if were laid off or are not currently working an essential job. It doesnt have to be impossible to get through this, and looking into these options for your potential need will be an incredible tool for yourself. Any little bit helps amid a global pandemic after all.