How Does PrizeRebel Work?

Surveys are the go-to method for members who want to earn the most points! Here’s our in-depth step by step guide to help you make sure you qualify and get credit for every survey you complete. Doing so properly will allow you to get free gift cards such as Etsy gift cards or free Paypal money easily!

The profile questionnaire


Woah. Gender? Employment? Education? That’s a lot of information. We know what you’re thinking. Market research companies are looking for very specific qualities in every survey-taker. They also want to match you correctly with the surveys that are relevant to you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take any surveys and they won’t find the people they’re looking for!

Not qualifying for any surveys is frustrating. We aim to solve that issue by sending as much of that information before hand. This way, you can be matched up to surveys that you qualify for.

As you take more surveys, your answers are saved to your profile with each survey provider. This increases the overall surveys that are a match for you.

How to qualify for surveys

The best way to qualify for surveys is to understand how they work!

Surveys are split into 3 different parts:

  1. 1. Demographic questions

  2. 2. Qualification questions

  3. 3. Actual Survey/Crediting

Demographic Questions: 

Demographic questions are the same questions you answered in the profile questionnaire. The questions are repeated as researchers want to make sure your responses are up to date. Market researchers only allow for a certain amount of people per survey and these quotas are determined by these demographics.

Protip #1: Start on new surveys as soon as possible before it hits the max amount of people allowed. 

In some surveys, you may see a series of short questions asking about your demographic information before you answer the demographic questions on the main survey. To make sure you qualify here, you should be answering honestly and giving the same answers. 

Qualification Questions: 

Qualification questions are what the market researcher is interested in! So in this example, the survey is about the TV service you currently use. Make sure to always select any products that you currently use or are interested in using. A lot of surveys are focused on testing new products or getting feedback for products you already have.

Protip #2: If you are a decision maker in your work or home life, your opinions are wanted! If you've made purchases in the last 12 months or are planning to purchase items, make sure to include all these options.

We want to reward you for your time. If you are disqualified from a survey, we do offer disqualification points for several of our survey providers.

Why didn't I qualify for the survey?

It's frustrating, we know. Not qualifying for surveys makes you feel like you wasted your time. Let's fix that. You won't qualify for a survey due to two main reasons: quotas and qualification requirements. 

Quotas: We encourage you to take a new survey whenever it is first available. Researchers open up a survey to a limited amount of survey participants. This can be limited based on a demographic quota or within their specific qualification requirements. So for example, a survey may only be open to 300 full -time employees and 25 students. In addition, it may only be open to 300 people living in the west region, and 25 people who live in the south region in the same survey. Quotas may also be specific to the qualifications the researcher is looking for. In addition to the demographic quotas, a food survey, for example, may also only be open to 300 survey takers who have had pizza in the last 6 months and 25 survey takers who've had pasta. 

Market researchers have a strict quota requirement on who they're looking for, so your chances for qualifying are the highest when the survey is new. 

Protip #3: Next to starting a survey when it first opens up, we also recommend you always list out any brands you are aware of or use among different product categories.

Qualification Requirement: Researchers create surveys because they want specific feedback from specific groups of people. Questions that ask you about your interests, responsibilities, and habits are usually a qualification question for the rest of the survey. Experiences that you have had in the last 12 months and plan to have in the next 12 months tend to be the most important.

Most surveys are looking for survey participants that are going to commit to a certain decision/purchase, are in charge of the decision, or are aligned and agree with a certain belief.  


Protip #4: Attention check questions can also cause you to be disqualified. In the image above, the last statement on the statements is "Please check Neither agree or disagree". If you fail to choose this answer, you would be disqualified for straight lining the same answers without following directions. Always check statements to help the researcher know you're paying attention! We've listed some additional examples below.

Example 1:

Survey Attention Check question

A normal person would not be drinking paint! Make sure you read through all the answers before selecting the appropriate response. 

Example 2:

This checklist question contains several attention check answers. You may be flagged by choosing an activity that is considered rare or impossible such as "buying 10 new cars in a month". You may also be flagged by selecting too many answers among the list of choices. Failing attention check questions can cause you to disqualify for the survey or even be banned from completing surveys from the survey provider. 

Actual Survey/Crediting:

Congrats! You qualified for the survey. On average, most surveys will take 10-20 minutes to finish. At the very end of the survey, you should reach a page thanking you for your time before you go back to PrizeRebel.

Crediting occurs automatically within a few minutes! The survey provider informs PrizeRebel and then your account is credited. 

In rare occasions, you may not be credited automatically or see a delay. 

Here are some of the possible reasons:

1. The market research company has a delay on their end. The points may be delayed and credited to your account in a 24 hour period.

2. Your submitted answers are under further review from the researcher before they can approve crediting. 

3. The answers you submitted were not considered valid. (We're covering that below!)

Why wasn't I credited?

Researchers actually read through every single response for their surveys. They want to make sure that they're getting valid answers and that you're paying attention. Here are the best practices to make sure you're getting credited.

1. Answer attention check questions correctly

Just like in the example above, surveys may ask you to choose specific answers to make sure you're paying attention. If you do not answer this correctly, you would be flagged and would not receive credit for the survey. Please pay attention and take your time when answering questions. 

2. Give honest information and be consistent

Make sure to be truthful in your responses. If you enter a survey mentioning that you own a specific product and then you remove the product in your later answers, this is a red flag to them.

3. Don't speed through surveys

Your answers will not be counted if the survey is supposed to take 10-15 minutes to complete and you're completing it within 3 minutes. This raises a flag to the researcher that you're not paying attention. We ask that you take your time when answering questions, don't rush through the survey.

4. Answer open-ended questions with truthful detailed answers

Often times you'll find a question that is open-ended and wants your specific opinion. If you write a short response such as "good", "ok", or "none", you won't receive credit! Make sure to actually address the specific question they're asking. If you like the product or video, give a short reason for why you liked it.

You're ready to get started! For more specific questions, you can check out our F.A.Q here.

Start earning and take surveys now!