How to whitelist PrizeRebel and make sure you get credited!

Ad blockers may prevent you from receiving credit after completing surveys and offers. In order to make sure you are properly credited, we suggest you whitelist PrizeRebel. You can check your specific adblocker here! 

Quick Whitelist Shortcut:

1. Adblock

2. Adblock Plus

3. Ublock Origin

4. Other Ad Blockers

Whitelisting tells the ad blocker to make an exception to unblock PrizeRebel without turning off your ad blocker. Here are the easy 1 click steps to whitelist PrizeRebel! 

Make sure you are on PrizeRebel to get started on the whitelist process.



You can whitelist PrizeRebel on Adblock by clicking on "Don't run on pages on this domain". 

How to whitelist PrizeRebel with Adblock

You will be asked which part of PrizeRebel you would like to whitelist. By clicking the "Exclude" button on default settings, you will whitelist the entire site.

Adblock How to whitelist for PrizeRebel

Adblock Plus

You can whitelist PrizeRebel by clicking on "Enabled on this site". This will add PrizeRebel to the whitelist and only deactivate ABP for PrizeRebel.


Adblock Plus whitelist for PrizeRebel

UBlock Origin

By clicking the power icon, you will add PrizeRebel to your accepted whitelist sites.

Ublock Origin Whitelist for PrizeRebel

Other AD Blockers

For a different ad block extension, look for an option that allows you to "disable for this site only". This will allow you to add PrizeRebel to your list of whitelisted sites! You can easily do this through the ad blocker or by going into the ad blocker extension settings.

Now you can get back to earning your favorite rewards on PrizeRebel!