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Planning the perfect getaway means choosing the right accommodations for your needs. You have to look for a place that fits your budget and still provide a comfortable experience for your stay. Using a free $25 eGift Card makes choosing the right hotel just a click away. has been providing customers with hotel choices since 1991. They’ve been helping travelers choose and book hotels through their localized websites in 85 languages all over the world. You can choose to book your hotel based on price and review scores, or look up different criteria to help you with your choice. There’s also a rewards program where travelers can get a free night’s stay at any affiliated hotel after collecting 10 nights’ worth of stays. What are you waiting for? Sign up for and pay with your $25 egift card. Book your accommodations at any of the over 325,000 affiliated hotels and get your money’s worth with every stay.

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  • Joel

    Prize Rebel, seriously, thank you so much for this! Earning the points was really quite easy and oh so worth it once my Guitar Hero III arrived just days after launch when it couldn't even be found in stores! I've ordered so much from you guy and everything has arrived quickly and without any issues! It couldn't get any better - especially since the referral system is such an easy boost in points too! Thanks, Prize Rebel!

  • Bensineerim

    I joined Prizerebel in 2011 and I'm still amazed. It didn't take me long to save up enough Amazon for a Home Theater Speaker System and Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock, all thanks to the fast crediting offers which are free and easy to do. The sound on the speaker system just blows me away and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock makes it even better, the game is a lot of fun. I can't wait to get more prizes from them. Thank you Prizerebel, you made this happen.

  • Michael, Tupelo, MS

    Prize Rebel has helped me get dozens of games for free. Alongside these they've also helped me get several digital games with no charge. Thanks Prize Rebel!