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$10 Groupon Gift Card

Discover and enjoy all kinds of deals online with Groupon and your Groupon gift card! If you fancy coupons for discounts in shopping, dining, traveling, health and wellness studios, then Groupon is the best place online for you. Groupon is a worldwide online deal marketplace where merchants offer discounts and good deals to Groupon users. Since its launch in 2008, Groupon is now available in over 500 cities worldwide. Every day, Groupon releases thousands of deals for the whole world. Some example deals include 50% off coupons for IMAX movie passes, 20% off a fine dining experience with 3 course meals and champagne, 30% off a one month gym membership, $10 1 hour massages near the nature reserve or park, $100 for 7 sessions of your choice of beauty treatments and spa, 30% off for tickets for a cruise with dinner and drinks, 10% a hotel room booking, discounted airfare and accommodation, and so many more! You will need to subscribe to Groupon in order to make purchases in Groupon. All you have to do if you have a gift card is to browse through the deals, select a deal or deals that you would prefer (for example a 90-minute massage in a luxury spa with a 70% discount in its original price), enter your information such as name and email address, once you are done, just proceed to the check out and enter your Groupon gift card’s code and follow the prompts. The coupon's will be sent to your email ready for you to print and present to your chosen deal. There are so many options to choose from you may need another payment method mixed with your gift card. It's perfect to try with your friends!

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