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$20 Wendy's Gift Card - Shipped
Cost 2000

$20 Wendy's Gift Card - Shipped

This $20 Wendy’s gift card can go a long way if you are just ordering for yourself, having a friend or two is recommended for additional eating enjoyment because Wendy’s burgers are best devoured with company.

Wendy’s, founded 47 years ago in Ohio, United States, now has over 6,000 store locations worldwide! Wendy’s is popular for their burgers like the Baconator, Dave’s Single or Double, and the good old Cheeseburger, fresh made salads like the Taco Salad, BBQ Ranch and Spicy Chicken, and of course, their classic frosty, a soft serve frozen dairy dessert.

If you’re craving for any of the mentioned food items above, your $20 Wendy’s gift card is just the thing you need. Just go to, register your gift card, and order any food and drink items that you want. Wendy’s gift cards are non-refundable, but why would you want to refund if you can order anything you like and fill your tummy? Go ahead and call your friends and head on over to the nearest Wendy’s store in your area. Enjoy!

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  • Alex S., United Kingdom

    Yesterday this came to my door after only 3 days. I was surprised that it came that fast.

  • Alex, New Hampshire

    Thank you so much for not being another rip-off site. At first I was skeptical about the site but my confidence grew with each offer I completed.I built up enough points to custom order an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro. Thanks again PrizeRebel!!

  • Ryan H

    I got this today, cant wait to watch it. Again it took me about 4 hours to get the 1600 points. Claiming so many prizes! Defo going to be attempting to earn some more prizes in the next coming weeks!