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$25 Uber Gift Card - Emailed
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$25 Uber Gift Card - Emailed

Are you in a rush to get somewhere but don’t have a ride or don’t want the hassle of driving and parking? Uber is a godsend for commuters who want the convenience and satisfaction of riding in a private vehicle without the troubles of actually driving your own.

Uber is a transportation network company and it works for consumers through their Uber app which matches driver and customers, calculates the fare and is responsible in transferring payments to the drivers from their trips. Since its founding, Uber now operates in more than 500 cities worldwide.

Just download the Uber app on your smartphone, create an account, enter your pickup and drop-off location and wait for your Uber ride to arrive!

Sounds easy to use, right? Your $10 Uber gift card can help you and your friends get to where you need safe and sound. No more worrying about having too much to drink to drive home, or spending precious time finding a parking spot before your important business meeting. With Uber, you just have to book, wait for your Uber driver, and enjoy the ride. Signup with PrizeRebel today, earn points by completing online surveys, and redeem for your free Uber Gift Card!

To get $25 Uber Gift Card - Emailed for Free
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  • Jonas Mark, Genk
  • Patrick, MI

    After being scammed by other gaming sites I tried Prize Rebel and was pleasantly surprised. Offers credited instanteously and it took only a few days to accumulate enough points for the GH2 bundle. After ordering my prize it took a mere days for it to arrive. Thank you Prize Rebel for you incredible service.

  • Istiak Khan, Montreal, Quebec

    I ordered this 3DS game (Thor - God of thunder) and it came in 5 days. Thank you for this awesome gift :)