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£5 GBP Prepaid Mastercard®
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£5 GBP Prepaid Mastercard®

Cash may be king, but it’s not always safe and convenient to use. It’s no wonder that people are switching to debit cards for their payments, which function like cash but keeps money safe in the bank. And now, Mastercard has found an even better way to spend your money and keep it in one place at the same time – the £5 Prepaid MasterCard. For over 50 years, MasterCard has been on the cutting edge of payment technology. Sharing their vision of “A World Without Cash” in the UK, the innovator in credit and debit cards have introduced prepaid cards that can be used to buy anything at any store. Using a prepaid debit card keeps your cash safe, and with tap-and-go technology you can just take out your card and pay within seconds. Get started on the cashless revolution by using your £5 Prepaid Mastercard wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted. Try it at contact-less payment terminals throughout the UK, from coffee shops to taxicabs.

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