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5 GBP PizzaExpress Gift Card
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5 GBP PizzaExpress Gift Card

Pizza has a reputation of being cheap and greasy, meant to be eaten on the go. But you don’t have to sit through soggy crusts and oily cheese to enjoy pizza. With a free £5 Pizza Express eGift Card and with quality ingredients and the right crust, even the simplest pizza can become a transcendent dining experience. Pizza Express has been making pizza fashionable for decades, ever since their founder Peter Boizot brought an authentic pizza oven to a space in Soho in the ‘60s. Don’t let the name fool you; with sophisticated interiors and a seasonal menu of favorites, Pizza Express provides a dining experience that you won’t find at just about any pizza place. Every member of the Pizza Express team is committed to Peter’s vision of not compromising on fresh ingredients and authentic cooking techniques. Spoil your loved ones with London’s premier source of Italian food. Use your £5 Pizza Express eGift Card at any of their stores in the UK.

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