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$10 Atom Tickets Gift Card
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$10 Atom Tickets Gift Card

The worst part about planning to see a movie with your friends is agreeing on a date and time when everybody can make it to the theater. Now there’s a foolproof way to get your friends on the same page when it comes to watching a movie.

The Atom Tickets app for iOS and Android takes the stress out of your movie-watching plans. Using your phone’s contacts list, you can select the friends you want to invite to the movies with you, with the date and time of your choice. Once your friends RSVP to your invitation, they can pay for their own tickets in advance. All they need to do is meet you at the theater and look for the Atom Tickets signs to get through!

Use your $10 Atom Tickets Gift Card at any of the 19,000 screens across the United States for a VIP movie-going experience with your friends.

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  • Theodore

    Prize Rebel, I can't thank you enough for all the free stuff Ive gotten and will continue to get. I love how the support is quick, polite, and effective on this site. I literally requested Endless Ocean this Saturday, and it came in exactly the following Tuesday to my house with absolutely no complications at all! Not only am I getting my free game stuff, but I'm getting them faster than I thought possible. When I'm not doing offers I'm getting referral points constantly. Thank you!

  • ajlee029, Cleveland, OH

    I, like most of you thought this website was one big scam. Boy, was I wrong. You can expect to get a gift card for every 6 surveys done, and even faster as you progress through the levels on your journey to platinum. Since I've started prizerebel I've received $75 and I'll be reaching $80 very shortly. This is a great website.

  • Lilian Lopez, Las Vegas, NV

    Just a few of the adorable things I have gotten from you guys! Times are tough and I defo can not afford to spend extra money on cute little things I like. Thank you so much prize rebel! :D and thank you for about the 80$ of free league of legends rp! ^___^