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About FREE Kohls Gift Card

Shop online or in-store at Kohl’s using your FREE Kohl’s gift card! Purchase items like clothing for men, women, kids, and babies, and bed and bathroom necessities among others.

Kohl’s, the second-largest department store by retail sales in the US, has over a thousand stores in 49 states. Whether you are a sports fan, a travel junkie, or just simply looking to shop for yourself, family and friends, there is surely something for you to find over at Kohl’s. For sports fans, you can find items with your favorite teams and athletes at the fan shops, NFL fan shop, NBA fan shop, and NASCAR. If you’ve been thinking of redecorating your home, Kohl’s has a widespread of furniture from the bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, laundry room, and garden. The travel and outdoor junkies can also revel in the wide range of choices for their needs: sleeping bags, winter and raincoats, and other necessities.

Kohl’s also has its daily deals where you can also choose from all their discounted products. Kohl's has you covered with any accessory or clothing you need for your family!

You can shop from women’s, men’s, kid’s and babies’ stuff, and all the other items mentioned above by using your FREE Kohl’s gift card from PrizeRebel.com now. Enjoy!


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  • It took me 5 days to reach the goal for this prize and it only took 2 days to come here after it was approved. Thank You SO MUCH Prize Rebel!!! - Ryanjay

    by Ryanjay
  • I usually redeem my points for cash thru Paypal. This time I decided to trade my points in for a $50 Virtual VISA Gift card. When I made the initial withdraw request at 1 pm EST, I received a message saying that it would take 24-48 hours to process. Well, to my surprise, I received an email notification from GiftCards.com that the $50 Virtu...

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  • When I Sign up for this site I thought i would never be able to get points or get prizes, but when i got the points i was like this is so easy. Then that's is when i claimed my prize for my Xbox 360 headset,I never Thought it was possible Thank you Prizerebel.

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