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Take surveys and receive Paypal Cash, Bitcoins or Gift Cards!
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Get free V Bucks with PrizeRebel.com for the EPIC game that everyone is talking about: Fortnite. It's super easy. First, signup for a free account and complete one of our opinion surveys. Once you are finished, redeem for your V-BUCKS card instantly and enjoy Fortnite as your friends wonder how you got V bucks for free!

In the Save the World PvE mode humans are facing extinction and only you and your team can fight off the Husks, defend and expand your storm shields to save the world. With v-bucks, you can stock up on llamas pinatas with hero characters, defender characters, weapon and trap schematics of various experience levels, and more!

Or test your skills in the Fortnite Battle Royale PvP mode and play against 100 other determined players. Objective: BE THE LAST ONE STANDING! Use your v-bucks to get battle passes, tiers to level up, and 100s of customizations and items for your Hero.

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