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About FREE freedom Gift Card

Our sense of individuality is what defines us in society. It is through it that we are able to influence the spaces we live in. Freedom understands this fully as they offer us different decors to spruce such spaces. !

By using the Freedom gift card, you can buy new furniture. The furniture offered to you is durable. Additionally, you get to choose from the wide array of styles available. Ambience is also amplified by lighting systems. Redeem a Freedom gift card to get lamps suitable for your space. !

You probably have been spending hours on Pinterest looking for DIY instructions on how to remodel your patio. Now that you have them, using your gift card, you can buy outdoor décor to make it the ultimate weekend chill spot. Or finally get the tableware you’ve always wanted to host guests. !

So how do you get a FREE Freedom gift card? !

Simply head over to PrizeRebel and just participate in a paid market research surveys and redeem points.


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  • Ive been a member since 06/07/13. This is the first gift card I received and honestly the first actual gift card I have ever received online! I was so happy I almost cried! Since then I got a $5 Amazon and a $15 Pizza Hut E-gift card. I am really close to a $15 Starbucks card now! Prize Rebel is the best :)

    by megan v.
  • PrizeRebel - you are awesome! I needed a new laptop and after lots of offers I was able to get enough Amazon gift cards to pay for a Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook. Heck yea!!! I love it.

    by sarale0000
  • It took me 5 days to reach the goal for this prize and it only took 2 days to come here after it was approved. Thank You SO MUCH Prize Rebel!!! - Ryanjay

    by Ryanjay
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH PRIZEREBEL. you guys do not know how grateful I am to receive this prize. Prizerebel.com is an easy site to earn points and in return, you can use it to get almost anything you want!!! HOW CONVENIENT!!! :)

    by yokusbe