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About FREE Nexon Game Card

Nexon Game Card is a form of prepaid game card that could be used as an alternative to credit cards when shopping for gaming products. Nexon Game Card or formerly known as Karma Koin is accepted by over 15 different game publishers, so you can use this gift card for a variety of different games.

How to redeem Nexon Game Card Codes? Redeeming Nexon Game Card depends on the game you want to use it for, but in general these are the steps: 1. Visit the website of the game you want to redeem your Nexon Game Card codes for 2. Select Nexon Game Card as the payment option during checkout. 3. Follow the instructions given. How do I check my Nexon Game Card balance? Go to Nexon Game Card’s website and under the ‘Check Balance’ tab, insert the pin of your Nexon Game Card. Click on ‘Check Balance’ and it will show your available funds.


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