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$25 ExxonMobil Gift Card - Shipped
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$25 ExxonMobil Gift Card - Shipped

As a car owner, you want only the best fuel for your vehicle. With the newer choices for diesel, gasoline, and flex-fuel engines, the experts at Exxon Mobil can help you make the best choices in fuel.

Exxon Mobil’s new Synergy line of fuels carry 7 key ingredients for better gas mileage, from detergents to keep your engine clean to corrosion inhibitors and fluids to improve performance even in extreme cold-weather conditions. There are three gasoline varieties that carry the Synergy label, but it’s not limited to gasoline alone; there’s also Synergy for diesel engines as well as renewable Synergy ethanol for the newest lines of flex-fuel cars and SUVs. With Exxon Mobil’s Synergy lines, you can be sure of improved fuel performance in any condition.

Your $25 Exxon Mobil Gift Card can be used at the pump, so give Synergy a try the next time you fill up.

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