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About FREE American Apparel Gift Card
If you are looking for a brand that offers great clothing basics for all ages, sizes and genders, then American Apparel is the brand for you. It's a good place to shop as a family because everyone is sure to come out with great picks.

American Apparel is a clothing manufacturing company that was founded in 1989. They have over 250 locations across the country and are based in Los Angeles, California. Unique to their brand, they do it all: design, distribute and market their clothes.

With a FREE $25 American Apparel Gift Card, you are sure to find fashionable basics for men, women and children without having to worry about breaking the bank! This gift card helps you to shop conveniently without the stress and fears of shopping.

So where can you get this amazing gift card? Here on PrizeRebel.com. All you need to do is click the signup button, finish a few paid surveys and earn yourself some points to redeem for a FREE $25 American Apparel gift card. It’s that EASY!

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  • Ive been using Prize Rebel for a few months now and I can vouch that It is legit AND awesome. The surveys / offers are all easily done and many are free. You can get free awesome things off pretty much anywhere online! Ive gotten a bunch of free small things and recently got my first game off Prize Rebel!

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  • I, like most of you thought this website was one big scam. Boy, was I wrong. You can expect to get a gift card for every 6 surveys done, and even faster as you progress through the levels on your journey to platinum. Since I've started prizerebel I've received $75 and I'll be reaching $80 very shortly. This is a great website.

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