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$25 Hollister Gift Card - Emailed
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$25 Hollister Gift Card - Emailed

For generations, Southern California has been synonymous with endless summers and carefree surfer style. Who doesn’t want to look like they’ve been hanging out at the beach in shorts, flip-flops, and a hooded sweatshirt, with the wind blowing in their hair and the sun shining in their faces? Now you too can bring the California style to your own wardrobe with a $25 Hollister eGift Card. Founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister Co. has devoted itself to bringing “SoCal-inspired Clothing for Guys and Girls.” Young people from all over the world have been drawn to Hollister’s surf-inspired casual clothes, including tops, bottoms, jeans, and underwear. The company also carries accessories and fragrances inspired by the laid-back aesthetic of summers in California. Bring the spirit of summer wherever you go. Your $25 Hollister egift card can be used at any Hollister Co. stores in the US and Canada, and online at

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